What Is Our Services

Using motorcycle armada, we going to the field in order to distribute your product, to make your product available & visible. To make your product reachable to your potential buyer. Never lose the opportunity due to lack of execution & lack of monitoring

Map & Plan Well

We mapped the store with Geo-Location and Google Maps. We scheduled to visit them regularly. Coverage well, Maintain well.

Well Done Execution

We doing every call-step with fun and accountable. You can see every single step to ensure your strategy are inline with the execution. We believe that the transparency era has came. And we love to make it as our working habit.

Simple & Fast

No need days or weeks to see the results, we provide you in real time. Bad or good data from the field genuinely, will be our asset to make better strategy.

Track Your Sales & Distribution
Through The
Application, At Any Time!

Every frontline who go to the field are equipped with the device to track the movements and submit the data to the office in real time